Night Gallery, Los Angeles

August 24 – September 28


“Fuckscape Fetal”
your world
is Like mine
sucked dry
old wine
slow wine
empty mine


Curated by Sayre Gomez and J.Patrick Walsh


CULM is waste from anthracite coal mines, consisting of fine coal, coal dust, and dirt. It is an artery that goes back and forward in time. The beginning, which is also the end, starts in 1940 near the Rhine River in Chur, known to be the oldest town in Switzerland. The end is sometime in the near future in a dystopian landscape taken over by dust and ruins. Empty black cells fill the veins between the past and future, providing unusable black fuel to the industrial intestines which stand in for the here and now. These intestines, the organs which represent our present condition, so close to the sex of our present body, remain distinctly separate thanks to layers of rotten tissue. Anthracite leaks and the earth’s horizon flexes.