Monte Carlo, Miami Beach, FL.

Organized by Alex Bacon and Harrison Tenzer for Rail Curatorial Projects

24/7 features an international and multigenerational array of artists who explore Jonathan Crary’s proposition, in his book of the same title, that recently “the elaboration [and] modeling of one’s personal and social identity has been reorganized to conform to the uninterrupted operation of markets, information networks, and other systems.” These artists have discovered or–in the case of those of an earlier generation, anticipated–that the hyperactivity and hyperstimulation that is in part the result of our networked condition of constantly sending and receiving data, both consciously and not, via devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops, has led to a leveling of the artistic field. In this networked condition, both aesthetic and extra-artistic images, canonical and outsider art, everyday and fine art objects are rendered equally accessible and attractive to artists, which allows them to subvert, challenge, and harness the complexities of the contemporary moment in a variety of innovative ways. This sees them working in a plethora of interrelated modes, such as the blurred line between abstraction and figuration, especially via cartoon imagery, appropriated images and readymade objects, often infused with the “surreal” undertones of the hyperreal. All of this is further activated and contextualized through the placement of these works in the siteless, international, anonymous, open architecture of two beachfront condominiums.


Sigmar Polke, Will Boone, Martin Kippenberger, Luc Fuller, Philip Guston, Math Bass, Nikholis Planck, Amalia Ulman, Alex Ito, Alistair Frost, Anna-Sophie Berger, Bas van den Hurk, Sayre Gomez, Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Claes Oldenburg, Jonas Wood, Rene Daniels, Sean Kennedy, Ted Gahl, Erika Ceruzzi, Philipp Rößle, Jesse Wine, Benoit Plateus, Nick Fusaro, Bryan Dooley, Emanuel Rohss, Jamian Juliano-Villani, A.R. Penck, Friedemann Heckel, Torey Thornton, Alexander Ruthner, Richard Serra, Wes Noble, Jack McConville, Nikolas Gambaroff, Brian Kokoska, Jacob Kassay, Sofia Leiby, Peter Saul, and Amy Yao

And Videos By:

Michael Bell-Smith, Takeshi Murata, Sara Ludy, Jacolby Satterwhite and Darja Bajagić