Always Yours

Balice Hertling, Paris, France

An exhibition where the works find their value in the lack of their original objects, their failure or their voluntary or involuntary contradictions.

«The hen is the artifice that uses an egg to create an egg»1

The current context may be a moment for a reevaluation of the culture. A moment in which more and more images are produced everywhere. A moment in which our figures our stereotypes our signals and our images are no longer certain. Youtube and Wikipedia put up all the information at the same level. The Axis of Evil was defeated by George Bush. James Bond goes back to its original form towards Skyfall. The hierarchys aren’t present any more. The expertise disappears.


In this world of re-organizing; A new corps asserts itself: the curator. ( CSI is translated The Experts here). In his ardous task, he sometimes connects with figures of the past and gives them value by showing them with new prominent figures which are themselves waiting to become a figure of the past, at times he creates new figures in a past that will become actual. «He has read everything in the books»2


The others, the artists, those who paint, by now contribute to this authorial force. The torch has been given. The Art of showing was born and has been consolidated during our last 20 years. This practice, (practical, as it can be a medium) sometimes is substituted by what we see in exhibitions. And that in the same production of those who were often looking for autonomy.


At this moment I organize, I classify, I inform, I think, I modify, I de-autonomize, I specifically quote Meantime the raelians find the answer to the big Why? Their searchers know that the Elohim scientists have created the human after their own image. They will soon come to see us. But who has created the Elohim then? 3 « I might have misquoted »4
1 Umberto Eco ou Samuel Buttler
2 Francis Cabrel ou Stephane Mallarmé

3 Intelligent Design from the Alien
4 Robert Morris ou pas