Deep Space

Francois Ghebaly Gallery

– Look!

– Did you see that?!

Narrator: Like a bolt of lightning, it fell from the sky.

– It’s crashed. And it’s alive.

– It’s still dormant. But it’s approaching an active level rapidly.

Narrator: A top secret experiment the military is desperate to hide.

– Maybe there’s something inside.

– What’s wrong?

– The project. It’s waking up!

– (screaming)

– Stop it!

– I can’t!

– It’s designed to kill.

– But not innocent people! I want you to corner off that area. I don’t want anybody getting through.

– Smells like the old government cover-up.

– It’s been ruled an “accident”.

– An accident?

– We lost the case.

Narrator: Now it’s multiplying one by one.

– We’re onto something big, Jerry. I mean big.

– …we gotta find it.

Narrator: Jesus Christ.

– Jerry took one of those pods home with him.

Narrator: Unleashing its deadly terror on everyone, and everything that stands in its path.

– Jesus Christ. What the hell is that?

Narrator: To stop the madness, they must risk it all…for monster hunting.

– Damn it. It’s bad news.

Narrator: Can anything on Earth destroy this deadly invasion?

– (screams)

Narrator: It’s time to face your deepest fears. From Deep Space!