Windows and Mirrors

New Capital, Chicago, IL.

Sayre Gomez presents a site-specific installation, by inserting a window directly into the gallery wall. Treated with a trompe l’oeil patina of the everyday, this window is a “recreation” of one found in a vacant L.A. store-front. Gomez uses the vernacular of fringe commerce, consumerism and the loose seams of the economy as medium. His object is familiar in our current urban landscape and foreign as an art object in the gallery; generic in reference, yet specific in execution. The pervasiveness of appropriation is apparent in the signature style developed in Gomez’s hand. Further, this work asks: If cultural relevancy must somehow contain its own irrelevance?


Concurrently, Gomez will be presenting new works on canvas, thirty small works on paper, and a single graphite drawing at Kavi Gupta, opening this Saturday, November 19 from 4 – 7pm.